About Us

About Vaimanica Aerospace

Vaimanica Aerospace is one of the Indian leading company which is providing the indigenous solutions to the technology hindrance of human lives. We manufacture the customized drones, robots and energy systems for the industrial sectors and agriculture .A vision to move towards a better future is in the heart of every individual. Creativity and every groundbreaking leap in technology is complimented by that simple dream, which is to change the world and make it more comfortable place to live. Vaimanica Aerospace , is a company which is integrated with talented creators and is moving forward to bring new solutions to the customers.

As we all know, Agriculture is the backbone of India, is in urgent need of improvement we thought why we don’t let farmers see their fields from the sky.

Goals & Objectives:

Now within India, UAV operation is very costly for half day, full day or short term projects. our organization building UAV Pilot network as well as sales and service centers across India. that will reduce UAV operational and maintenance costs.

Our objective based on four pillar:

▪ Productivity of People and Resources.
▪ Getting and Staying Profitable.
▪ Excellent Customer Service & Employee Attraction and Retention.
▪ Dealing with Change including Mission-driven Core Values.

One of the most important things every company can do to ensure the financial health of business is to create a revenue model. Our Revenue system based on Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) with value added ethics

Customer Acquisition based on low Cost (CAC)
Time to Close with Lifetime Value (LTV)
Competitive Pricing for per order/customer

There are three main sources of our revenue model

1. Training; As per requirement of a large number of Drone, that can generate a large Amount of our revenue. We are establishing training centers across India as franchisees model and company self-operated.

2. Pilot Deployment; our company Provide Drone Projects to local Drone Pilots across India on a competitive rate. We serve on-demand with well-trained local Drone Pilot, Currently we are focusing on the Agriculture & Surveillance Segment.

3. Sales and Maintenance; Manufacturers frequently believe that adding value in the form of services will provide a competitive advantage after their products start to become commodities. Also users want more value-added products. Our company offers on-site across India Sales and Maintenance Service for manufacturing companies as well as buyers or end users.

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