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How best you can use drone for Cinematography

Drone footage can enhance your wedding film by adding different points of view, complementing the other footage our experienced videographers gather throughout the day, possibly including moments like group photos, pre-staged glamour shots, quiet moments shared where it’s just the two of you, and overhead shots of the wedding party leaving the venue. 

The Best Drones for Aerial Cinematography

Drone videography takes the practice of filming wedding video from several hundreds of feet in the air as a hovering drone, capturing the ceremony in all its glory. Drones are operated by an on-ground operator who is able to see a live preview of the camera feed as it is being shot.

A drone makes it very convenient to shoot the main wedding ceremony in its entirety since it shoots from a high altitude. Add to that the variety of cinematic movements possible with an aerial camera and you’ll know why the possibilities are literally endless. There’s no end to creativity when shooting with a drone.

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